Corporate Profile

Tongcheng-Elong is an innovator and market leader in China's online travel industry. Tongcheng-Elong is the combined business resulting from the merger of Tongcheng and eLong, the leading OTAs in China, in 2018.

Tongcheng-Elong is a one-stop shop for users' travel needs. With the mission of "make travel easier and more joyful", Tongcheng-Elong offers a comprehensive and innovative selection of products and services covering nearly all aspects of travel, including transportation ticketing, accommodation reservation, tourist attraction ticketing, and various ancillary value-added travel products and services designed to meet users' evolving travel needs throughout their trips primarily through our online platforms, which comprise our Tencent-based platforms, our own mobile apps, quick apps and other channels.

As a technology-driven company, by leveraging big data and AI capabilities, Tongcheng-Elong can better understand the preferences and behaviors of users and provide them with customized products and services. Tongcheng-Elong has a strategic focus on lower-tier cities in China and seized opportunities there supported by its and diversified traffic sources, product innovation capability and flexible operation strategies. Through the in-depth understanding of user experience and advanced technological capabilities, Tongcheng-Elong has been revolutionizing what consumers expect from the online travel industry, making the entire travel process more convenient, personalized and enjoyable than ever. We aim to develop and apply our advanced technology to transform from an OTA to ITA.

At the same time, as an industry pioneer and socially responsible enterprise, we strive to contribute to the development and digitalization of the travel industry. We also leverage our advanced technology to enhance higher value proposition to our suppliers and business partners and create sustainable cooperation in the long run.