We are a one-stop shop for a vast variety of travel products and services, catering to travelers' needs throughout their trips:

Transportation Ticketing Service

One-stop Traffic Service

As an important part of Tongcheng-Elong’s one-stop service, its transportation service includes train ticket, bus ticket and ferry ticket, among others. The bus and ferry ticket business cover approximately 453,000 bus routes and over 300 ferry routes in China. Tongcheng-Elong provides transportation ticketing and related value-added services through its websites, apps, Weixin-based mini program,other channels and its portals in Weixin wallet” and “QQ wallet”.

We sell air tickets for substantially all Chinese airlines and major international airlines. As of June 30, 2018, our air ticket suppliers comprised 421 airlines and 342 air tickets agents, covering over 6,090 domestic routes and over 226 airports in China and over 714,500 air routes and over 2,400 destinations outside China. According to iResearch, on a Tongcheng-eLong combined basis, we ranked third in China’s online travel industry in terms of air ticket GMV in 2017. We leverage our data capability to help users book flights that best suit their travel needs. We also offer our users a clear, intuitive format to make air ticket purchase easier. In addition to selling air tickets, we also offer users various options and services to help them travel with ease. Our users can customize their trips by our core travel products at discounted rates from our platform.

We provide train ticket purchase service in the PRC sourced from, the official online booking platform of China Railway Corporation, or CRC, as well as offline ticket sales agencies. On our online platforms, we also offer train tickets for railway routes connecting more than 15,000 destinations in Europe. Through our platforms, users can view train timetables and ticket availability, and search railway routes based on various parameters, such as departure time, destinations, budgets, as well as class of travel. In addition to providing train ticket purchase services, we also offer travel insurance and various other ancillary value-added travel products and services that are designed to streamline the ticket booking process and make rail travel hassle-free in conjunction with their bookings. Moreover, we give users the ability to order meals when purchasing train tickets and have them delivered on board directly at their seats.

We sell tickets of long-distance buses to capture the growing demands for intercity transport in China, as we believe that it represents an attractive alternative to railways and flights. Users can search bus schedules by departure dates, locations and destinations. As of June 30, 2018, we offered intercity coach and charter bus services provided by 62 bus operators, covering approximately 453,000 routes and 3,300 destinations in China.
As of June 30, 2018, we provided our users with access to ferry tickets for 283 domestic routes covering a total of 75 destinations operated by 75 ferry carriers. We also offer users travel insurance and ferry other ancillary value-added travel products and services in connection with their ferry ticket bookings.

Accommodation Reservations Service

Smart accommodation reservation service provides convenient, reliable and comfortable experience

Tongcheng-Elong provides online accommodation reservation service of hotel and alternative accommodation options through its websites, apps, Weixin-based mini program and its portals in“Weixin wallet” and “QQ wallet” and other channels.
Tongcheng-Elong’s online accommodation reservation business covers around 390,000 hotels and alternative accommodation options in over 380 cities in China and approximately 790,000 hotels and alternative accommodation options in more than 50,000 overseas destinations.